Watermelon Ideas

One fruit, so many ideas!

Watermelon Ideas

Watermelon Ideas

Watermelon Juice

Make a base watermelon juice by blending and straining through a muslin cloth

1.  For a watermelon cocktail: add a shot of vodka to chilled juice

2.  For watermelon juice: half watermelon and half homemade lemonade are delicious

Frozen Watermelon

Freeze watermelon in cubes on a tray for at least 2 hours

3.  For a smoothie: blend 1/2 cup of frozen watermelon cubes, 1/2 banana, 2 Tbsp yoghurt, 1 peach and 1 tsp vanilla essence

4.  For watermelon iceblock: simply pop a stick in the base and freeze as a slice.

5.  For a watermelon slushy: simply blend after 1-2 hours of freezing

6.  For a watermelon sorbet:  blend after 1-2 hours then refreeze for 2 hours.

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