Two and Two Kids Lite


Does your family have too much going on to cook dinner every night of the week? Is there too much food left in your fridge? The Two and Two Kids Lite contains the same premium quality meat and market fresh fruit and vege as its namesake, but with 3 dinners for the week instead of five. It's a great place to start if dance practice, football, and late nights are keeping you from cooking every day, and it's also a perfect holdover if you still have groceries in your fridge from last week! In addition to enough meat and veges for three dinners, the standard box contains enough fruit for school and work lunches during the week too. Of course, it's completely configurable if that doesn't look like you!

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The following is a sample of the contents for this week
Configurator Box14 - 20 October 2019
Optional ExtrasUnitQty

Carrots - Baby Bunch0.00
Cucumber - Telegraph Single0.00
Green beansBag0.00
Mushrooms - PortobelloPunnet0.00
Onions - RedSingle0.00
Spring OnionBunch0.00
Apples - Granny SmithSingle0.00
Apples - JazzSingle0.00
Citrus - GrapefruitSingle0.00
Citrus - LemonSingle0.00
Citrus - TangelosSingle0.00
Grapes - Imported Punnet0.00
Kiwifruit - GoldSingle0.00
Kiwifruit - GreenSingle0.00
Pear - PackhamSingle0.00
Strawberries Punnet0.00
Harmony Free Range Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs500g Pack0.00
Harmony Free Range Bulk Chicken Breasts1kg Pack0.00
Harmony Free Range Skinless Chicken Breasts360g Pack0.00
Free Range Sliced Champagne Ham500g Pack0.00
Harmony Dry Cured Middle Bacon200g Pack0.00
Harmony Half Pork Belly600g Pack0.00
Harmony Midi Pork Scotch and Crackle Roast750g Pack0.00
Harmony Pork Belly1kg Pack0.00
Harmony Pork Belly - One Serve250g Pack0.00
Harmony Pork Loin Chops - 4pc800g Pack0.00
Harmony Pork Loin Steak - One Serve200g Pack0.00
Harmony Pork Loin Steaks400g Pack0.00
Harmony Pork Loin Steaks - Thai Coconut Glaze400g Pack0.00
Harmony Pork Mince500g Pack0.00
Harmony Pork Scotch and Crackle Roast900g Pack0.00
Harmony Pork Spare Ribs1.3kg Pack0.00
Harmony Shoulder Bacon200g Pack0.00
Harmony Streaky Bacon250g Pack0.00
Harmony - Picanha Top Sirloin1.1kg Pack0.00
Harmony Angus Beef - 150g Stirfry150g Pack0.00
Harmony Angus Beef - 500g Stirfry500g Pack0.00
Harmony Angus Beef Mince - 500g500g Pack0.00
Harmony Angus Beef Mince - 650g650g Pack0.00
Harmony Angus Beef Patties - 2ct2x150g Pack0.00
Harmony Beef Bulgogi Hanger300g Pack0.00
Harmony Beef Cheek1kg Pack0.00
Harmony Beef Short Ribs1kg Pack0.00
Harmony Rolled Beef Brisket950g Pack0.00
Harmony Scotch Steaks2x200g Steaks0.00
Harmony Sirloin Steaks400g Pack0.00
Harmony Taupo Beef Stirfry - Bulgogi400g Pack0.00
New Yorker Angus Sirloin Steaks 2x 300g steaks0.00
Picanha Rump Cap Steaks400g Pack0.00
Savannah Eye Fillet Portions360g Pack0.00
Savannah Prime Rib500g Pack0.00
Taupo Beef and Free Range Bacon Mince500g Pack0.00
Taupo Beef Chimichurri Pave Steak400g Pack0.00
Wakanui Beef Rump 360g Pack0.00
Wakanui Beef Rump - One Serve180g Pack0.00
Harmony Diced Lamb500g Pack0.00
Harmony Half Marinated Butterflied Lamb Leg450g Pack0.00
Harmony Lamb Hindshanks800g Pack0.00
Harmony Lamb Leg Steak - One Serve200g Pack0.00
Harmony lamb leg steaks400g Pack0.00
Harmony Lamb Mince500g Pack0.00
Harmony Marinated Boneless Lamb Shoulder700g Pack0.00
Harmony Whole Marinated Butterflied Lamb Leg1kg Pack0.00
Harmony Pork and Apple Sausages 580g Pack0.00
Salmon - Fresh 300g Pack0.00
Snapper - Skin On400g Pack0.00
White Fish of the Week400g Pack0.00
White Fish of the Week - Small300g Pack0.00
Bouton d'or Blue Brie110g Pack0.00
Bouton d'or Camembert125g Pack0.00
Bouton d'or Cow's Milk Feta150g Pack0.00
Calci Strong Chocolate Milk600mL Bottle0.00
Colby Cheese1kg Block0.00
Kalo Greek Yoghurt - Berries160g Pot0.00
Kalo Greek Yoghurt - Natural160g Pot0.00
Meadow Fresh Berry Burst Smoothie300mL bottle0.00
Meadowfresh Berry Yoghurt Pack6 Pack0.00
Meadowfresh Strawberry Yoghurt Pack6 Pack0.00
Mild Cheese1kg Block0.00
Naturalea Yoghurt - Unsweetened1kg Carton0.00
Ornelle Camembert200g Pack0.00
Puhoi Blue Brie125g Block0.00
Puhoi Blue Halfmoon100g Block0.00
Puhoi Camembert - Single Cream125g Block0.00
Puhoi Cow's Feta190g Block0.00
Puhoi Parmesan70g Block0.00
Puhoi Valley Mango & Toasted Coconut Greek Yoghurt400g Pack0.00
Puhoi Valley Real Belgian Chocolate Milk300mL Bottle0.00
Tasty Cheese1kg Block0.00
2L Dark Blue Milk2L Bottle0.00
2L Lite Blue Milk2L Bottle0.00
Allpress Coffee - Plunger Grind250g Bag0.00
Allpress Coffee - Whole BeanBag0.00
Croissants - Wild Wheat 2 PackPair0.00
Molenberg ToastLoaf0.00
Oat & Quinoa Muffin SplitsPack0.00
Puhoi Organic Dark Blue Milk1.5L Bottle0.00
Sprouted Grain Muffin SplitsPack0.00
Vogel's Gluten Free Chia and Sesame Seed Loafloaf0.00
Vogel's Gluten Free Six Seed Loafloaf0.00
Vogel's Gluten Free Soy and Linseed Loafloaf0.00
Vogel's Gluten Free White Loafloaf0.00
Vogel's Gluten Free Wholemeal Loafloaf0.00
Wild Wheat Bread of the Month.Loaf0.00
Wild Wheat SourdoughLoaf0.00
1L Milk - Dark Blue1L Bottle0.00
Freyas Mixed GrainLoaf0.00
Dozen Free Range EggsBox0.00
Half Doz Free Range EggsBox0.00

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