Hot Cross Bun Bacon Butty


8 rashers of bacon

4 hot cross buns

butter for spreading

4 tbsp dark marmalade

(*marmalade is optional, you can try using any jam of your choice to get that sweet & salty balance)


Heat grill to high. Cut the hot cross buns in half through the middle. When the grill is hot place the bacon under the grill on a non-stick baking sheet. Cook on both sides until crisp. Remove and drain on a kitchen towel.

Lightly toast the hot cross buns, for 2-3 minutes, turning once. Once toasted, remove the hot cross buns from under the grill and butter well. Put each bun toasted side up on a plate and spread with a little marmalade*.

Spread the remaining marmalade onto the drained bacon and flash grill them back under the grill.

Add 2 rashers of the bacon to each bottom half of the buns and then sandwich them back together.

Serve immediately.

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