Real Fruit Ice Blocks

Dish: Drinks

Cuisine: Drinks


Blend and juice your favourite fruits: below we have
  • Orange juice
  • Watermelon puree (seeds removed)
  • Blended plums
  • Blended cherries
  • Blended berries
  • Natural yoghurt
  • Date water,… (I soak dates before making bliss balls and keep the juice)


  1. In an ice block mold, layer with your first fruit
Tip 1: Make sure it comes up high enough for the stick to set in it
  1. Freeze for 20-40 minutes until firm enough to take the next layer
Tip 2: White yoghurt looks awesome, and then you can pour the 3rd layer on top
  1. Add your sticks and freeze for 2-4 hours until set
Tip 3: Good flavour combos are watermelon and stone fruit. Berries and yoghurt combined. Date water, yoghurt and apple juice Tip 4: If the mix is pulpy and thick make a thin layer in the middle (not the tip) HAVE FUN!!!!

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