Question and Answer Time with Lucy

We love what you do, but just a personal question,..... why Wellington?

Wellington is one of the best places to live in the world. It is so safe, so near nature and there are so many great places you can eat and drink out. I live on Oriental Parade with is right across the road from a beach 5 minutes from town - honestly, does it get much better than that?

2 years ago I decided to get into blogging so I started "The" and what better subject was there than the city and people living here that inspired me? At that time, I wished I could live overseas because I'd lived in Wellington all my life. Blogging helped me get back into living in the present moment, by stopping to appreciate all that was on offer right outside my front door. Food, friends and fabulous weather (SOMETIMES) is what Wellington does best.

So now you've tried Foodbox for a few weeks, what is it that you most love?

It sounds weird, but I love the anticipation of never knowing what I'll get. When I was young my mum bought me clothes - but where other mothers made their daughters pay for their own clothes from about 16, mine actually never quite stopped. As a result, I am a lazy shopper and I like just having things turn up that appeal to me, without having to actually choose them myself. I get anxious and I used to find even shopping felt like it would take forever and I just would rather be doing things. Online shopping was a bit better, but even then I hated feeling like I needed to plan meals around what I cook. I just needed someone to do my groceries for me who already knew what I liked (enter Foodbox).

Has the Foodbox experience changed how you cook?

As a creative person, I like to be quite intuitive. So Foodbox is awesome because it is like giving me a range of brushes and paints with a blank canvas, and letting me come up with the masterpiece. Yes, sometimes it doesn't quite succeed - but with great ingredients I can use my time cooking to express myself, and not follow a rigid recipe. Cooking should be full of fun and about self-expression. My boyfriend and I enjoy cooking together with Foodbox - he literally woops when it arrives - because nothing makes him happier than gorgeous food.

Do you think it has made you eat differently, if so how?

We're eating healthier - much less carbs. Before, it felt like we were eating pasta a lot. Now we eat fresh meat and vegetables at almost every meal. We are also eating more fish which is great because it has Omega 3 in it. Lots of veggies make us get serious about using them all up. So I've gotten back into making smoothies with spinach as a good way to use up some greens that are starting to droop.