Question and Answer Time with Kelly

Hi Kelly, it was great to meet you and your daughter at Taste, what a crowd you had! How do you find juggling family life and blogging? It must be busy?

It can be really busy with 2 kids it's also a wonderful career to fit around my family. I get to cook beautiful food which both serves as lovely recipes to inspire my readers (on the blog or in magazines) and also feeds our family. Life is alwats busy for parents isn't it? I feel lucky to do something that I love.

So you received a few deliveries from us ... how did that help you and your family life?

I LOVED receiving foodbox deliveries. I'm not a big fan of supermarket shopping so it was great being able to get loads of delicious ingredients without leaving the house. This was especially helpful because we have a small baby.

Did you find you ate differently, or did it simply help you eat your whole food diet?

It definately supported the healthy way we like to eat. The meat and fish was exceptional quality. I found we ate more fish, which was really great. I always organise my deliveries for Friday afternoon which means I head into the weekend feeling inspired to make tasty meals.

OK... so fishing for compliments here, but what do you recon our best feature is?

I've got 2 big positives. First is the quality of everything. The meat, fish, veges and fruit were beautiful. I've used other delivery services for produce at it's really varied.
Second is being able to tweak things to suit our family. Adding extra eggs or milk or leaving out the things we don't eat meant there was zero waste.

And finally, we can't always be perfect, but if you had any suggestions we would love to hear them.

The only thing I can think of (and its tiny), is that I received garlic bulbs that were too small to use once. Not a big deal! Otherwise I loved it all. Great packaging. Insanely easy ordering process.