Question and Answer time with Eleanor Ozich

We love your family and story so how has that sparked your interest in food and photography?

I love to cook, and believe that making food should not only be about the end result, but the small, gentle, joyous moments along the way. There's a certain beauty to the rhythm of cooking, so long as you allow yourself to enjoy it. When you cook with passion you infuse your food with so much more love, and you can taste the difference, too! In regards to photography, I'm a very visual person, and so capturing our days through my camera continues to inspire me with my work.

Let is in on the secret, what do you find the best part of "living simply" is?

Since learning to 'simplify' our family life, I've found a surprising amount of time to enjoy the small rituals that weave our days together. I've come to learn, that the things you choose to do on a daily basis are not only an indicator of the quality of your day, but by extension, the quality of your life.

So now that you've tried Foodbox for a few weeks, what is it that you most love?

I love that the produce is always seasonal, fresh and excellent quality. It's also fantastic to be able to have the option to configure boxes for ordering that little something extra or switching out ingredients needed for a particular meal.

Has the Foodbox experience helped you "live simply" and your family life?"

Absolutely. Popping a weekly order through means that we are able to spend more time together as a family on the weekends, rather than going to the supermarket, and I find that makes meal planning so much easier too! I'm less likely to buy ingredients I don't need, which in turn saves a little more money for fun weekend activities.