Pure Orange Juice


This is a 1L bottle from The Homegrown Juice Company. Their 100% Pure NZ Orange Juice is RAW-cold pasteurised for great taste and great health. Check the ticks on the bottle. - RAW & Uncooked - Cold pasteurised - 100% pure squeezed - 100% NZ - No added Sugar - and NO preservatives. The ingredients list reads like this: Raw NZ orange juice - NOTHING ELSE!

Don't forget to shake it up baby!

Brought to you by The Homegrown Juice Company, this is a great kiwi company focussed on New Zealand sourced stuff, just like us! The quality of their juice starts from the day the trees are first planted in the Hawkes Bay over their 120 hectares. These orchards allow them to grow almost all the fruit they need and enables them to be picked at their very best. Once you've got the great produce to work with, it would be horrible to lose all those great vitamins and minerals, so The Homegrown Juice Company make sure they use the best in Raw Cold Pasteurisation (HPP) technology. Basically this means the fruit is put under extreme pressure to deactivate naturally occurring bacteria, yeast and moulds with miniscule changes to the vitamins, minerals and flavour. This way, using heat is avoided and the integrity of the fruit is preserved. That's what we want!

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