Mrs Rogers

As far back as the late 19th century, the original Mrs Rogers began experimenting with new and interesting herbs and spices. She was ahead of her time as she experimented with different blends, pounding them by hand, to add fresh and exciting flavours to those traditional recipes she cooked for her family.

Descendants of Mrs Rogers were so impressed by the flavour combinations that they revived her original recipes and established Mrs Rogers Herbs and Spices. They worked together with a new wholly-owned New Zealand company dedicated to achieving the highest quality standards and raising the awareness and use of herbs and spices in New Zealand.

“I remember going to Grandma’s for dinner. The meal always tasted fantastic. I later realised it was simply the care and trouble she took to use natural ingredients.” – Gavin Stoddart, grandson of Florence Rogers


Starting with salt and pepper as the core items of their range, they soon developed spice grinders, herbs, and spices, all based around tastier and healthier ways of adding flavour to food. Today, the team at Mrs Rogers are dedicated to the holistic approach of Florence Rogers; producing herbs and spices to make food taste better, naturally.

“Mum believed in natural foods before others had even thought about over-processing. She cared for the environment before others realised the planet wasn’t a bottomless pit.” – Bruce Stoddart, son of Florence Rogers

Adding wonderful taste and flavour to everyday meals is one of those small things that can make such a difference to family mealtimes. Those simple recipes become special, just bursting with delicious natural taste experiences. This is why all Mrs Rogers products are packed in New Zealand from carefully selected, imported and local, Natural and Certified Organic ingredients to bring the fresh, original flavours of delicious herbs and spices to your meals. Mrs Rogers makes your food taste better, naturally.