Lunchbox Goodness

I'm very excited about the purple carrots, it's a lovely way to revive and jazz up carrot sticks for lunch. So we have both carrot sticks, (with orange and purple carrots, a pumpkin hummus recipe that may be lovely with it and even a purple carrot cake suggestion! (take your pick). I also love avocado, who doesn't? So other than eating it on its own or in salads how about trying this quick healthy chocolate mousse recipe, its so easy and can be eaten for lunch! With oranges around I couldn't help suggest an orange panna cotta for dessert, or peel your orange back with into a spring for variation, use a knife (thanks Mum for doing this when I was a kid, everyone loved my oranges). The last two ideas are celery sticks with peanut butter and microwaved yams with butter and brown sugar for 50 seconds #yum!