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This is a special new box that we're very excited to offer! It's a standard selection of some of our favourite cuts of meat, and it will change monthly to reflect the best of what's available from our meat supplier. This box contains enough cuts to last you and your partner about a month (just pop everything in the freezer until you're ready to enjoy it!) and not only will you save on delivery costs, we're also offering these products at a discounted rate - you'll save 15% as compared to buying from the weekly shop! Our main mission here at Foodbox has always been to get you eating the freshest, highest quality fruit and vege possible. While we're by no means vegetarians, we do think that eating smaller portions - 130-150 grams - of higher quality meats is a healthier option: If you prefer to eat larger portions of meat and fish every night, you may find this box won't last the month.

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