Native to China, kiwifruit seeds were introduced to New Zealand by Isabel Fraser in 1904. Much of New Zealand’s kiwifruit is produced in The Bay of Plenty where there are warmer temperatures. Rich in vitamin C, kiwifruit are entirely edible, including the skin. It is also high in fibre and packed with the enzyme actinidin which are brilliant for digestion.


Kiwifruit ripen at room temperature and then should be stored in the refrigerator.


Kiwifruit is rarely cooked as the nutrients it contains are best consumed raw.


Best consumed fresh, add kiwifruit to your smoothie, desserts or just eat as is.

Our Favourite Recipes

Green Smoothie


A great way to kick start your day or pump some nutrients in. Super tasty and loaded with essential nutrients for the body.

Frozen Kiwifruit Slices

Serves 8

These frozen kiwifruit slices are great to have on hand when making a smoothie, dessert or simply for a nice cold snack.