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I'm so excited about the avocado next week, my girls will be so happy!

Beef Olive

A different use for your schnitzel if you've received some. The recipe also requires potatoes, onion and carrots. Replace the capsicums with eggplant.

Beetroot Soup

I love beetroot. The deep red reminds me of a hearty winter meal.

Cauliflower Cheese Souffle

Last week's recipe, I know. But because it is so good I must put it out there again!

Cauliflower Couscous

A great gluten free option, and perfect for the boxes that have received chicken breast as well.

Crumbed Schnitzel

Are you worried that your Schnitzel will turn out tough? Not to worry our Schnitzel is the best you'll have trouble messing it up! Instead of the cabbage sauce serve with a cauliflower whip.

Deviled Potatoes

Perhaps a different way to have potatoes? Very nice with beef steak.

Eggplant Pate

The perfect accompaniment to any of the beef steaks or chicken breasts in the meat boxes this week.

Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Not really a recipe but a simple idea you may love.

Roast Vegetable Dips

Perhaps a use for your pumpkin in dip 1. Or use your avocado in dip 2 (substitute kumara for pumpkin in dip 2).

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