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Our household is just loving the ribs, are you?  And personally brussel sprouts are a favourite too.  It amazes me that 8 years ago when we started Foodbox whenever we delivered brussel sprouts we had loads of people "banning" them, in fact most people did!  Today it seems to be a common favourite.  It is brilliant to see the change.

Beef and Bean Stir Fry

A tasty use for stir fry beef. It requires stir fry beef, shang hai cabbage and green beans. You can replace the spring onion with red onion. Enjoy x

Beef Ribs

Just a quick video recipe to show you how easy it is to cook beef ribs.

Brussel Sprout Soup

A great way to use all of your brussel sprouts!

Creamy Spinach Pasta with your favourite meat

Follow this recipe for poaching salmon. The spinach pasta can also be made without the asparagus, perhaps serve it with steamed beans.

Kale with balsamic dressing

This recipe will still be delicious without the tomatoes. It uses your kale salad mix. Perhaps toss finely diced fresh beans into the salad this week?


It is hard to look past a risotto as a use for your roast pumpkin, leek, or brussels (quartered, fried in butter and tossed over the top). Save any chicken bones from a roast chicken if you have any for this tasty "real" risotto recipe.

Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Cup Cakes

The truly gilt free cupcake, that uses pumpkin

Vegetable Hock Soup

Enjoy if you've received a ham hock. Perfect for a wintery meal and a tasty use for your carrots an parsnips too.

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