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Daylight savings here we come.  I'm looking forward to the longer evenings and all the things I'll be able to do in the garden!

Baked Asparagus

Just to celebrate the asparagus arrival! Enjoy x

Baked Pear

Perhaps a different idea for your pear next week?

Cucumber Drinks

Just some more options for your cucumber.

Fresh Asparagus Rolls

A lovely side to fish. And with daylight savings the BBQs and social eating starts!

Greek Salad

Now this is what a traditional greek salad is. Simplicity at it's best. Use your red onion, capsicum, cucumber, feta cheese and tomatoes (you may need to add some to your order). Olives are optional, and there is no lettuce! Serve with steak.

Mexican Fish Tortilla

A nice light meal and a different use for your fish. For the salad ingredients you can use cucumber, lettuce, red onions, capsicum, cabbage and cherry tomatoes (if you received some).

Mexican Iceberg Wrap

A nice way to have your stir fry beef? Just the presentation and idea might spark inspiration in your own kitchen! It uses avocado (optional) and iceberg, capsicum and cucumber.

Vegetarian Patties

Perhaps a different use for you mushrooms and a great vegetarian options for all! Turn it into a wrap and use cucumber and lettuce for more vegetables.

Video Recipe For Brisket

Great brisket video recipes to check out. This way your brisket wont ever be dry!

Video Recipe for Pork Belly

Just a little video showing you how to cook pork belly.

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