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The cold is coming and so are the warming winter recipes.  You simply can't beat a good cottage pie on a cold day, or slow cooked beef casserole.


Simple cabbage, which makes the perfect side to any roast. It can even be served with steaks An idea for all boxes.

Cos and Pork Salad

With pork mince this is the perfect recipe next week. Similar to the recipe of the week but a lot simpler and it uses cos lettuce instead of cabbage.

Curried Fish Pie

A different and warming fish pie, perfect for fish and pumpkin too.

French Cabbage Soup

I just love this recipe. It is surprisingly delightful! Uses cabbage, potatoes, onion, and sausages.

Mild Fish Curry

Perhaps a very different use for your mung beans this week?

Mung Bean Salad

Perhaps a nice side to fish? Uses mung beans, spring onion and carrots, so perfect for your Foodbox this week.

Mussel Fritters

Perfect for next week's Foodbox with mussels, cabbage, spring onion, carrots and mung beans.

Pad Thai

Another use for chicken breast and mung beans. Beats takeaways.

Pad Thai Inspired Pork Medallions

#yum so good. You'll love this recipe if you have free range pork steaks and a great use for mung beans too. Use mung beans instead of cabbage in the salad.

Tenderised Beef Stir Fry

I know kiwifruit seems weird but honestly it is yum! A good way to use your kiwifruit, shang hai cabbage and beef stir fry.

Tom Yum Soup

A nice way to have your Bulgogi Bavette beef. Cook, slice and serve on top. Just leave out the mushrooms.

Video Recipe for Beef Ribs

A quick video recipe to show you how easy it is to cook beef ribs.

Video Recipe for Butterfly Lamb Leg

Best on the BBQ. A quick video recipe for butterfly lamb.

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