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I'm so excited about the new season potatoes and carrots!

Cucumber Rolls video recipe

Cucumber, salmon and avocado. So simple and easy to make. You'll just need to slice your salmon first.

Peach Cobbler

I know it isn't the healthiest but who doesn't love a peach cobbler?

Pickled Cabbage

Delicious, make a large jar and keep it in the fridge to have as a side to most meals (fish and beef in particular) and with ham sandwiches and so much more. Great for gut health.

Raw Courgette Salad

Just because I am so excited about the courgettes! I needed to remind you (and myself) that they can be eaten raw. This makes a lovely side to fish.

Red Cabbage and Sausage Bake

Cabbage and sausages, what is not to love? I would also serve with with mashed potatoes or roast potatoes. Tip: Simply microwave your potatoes for 10mins before roasting if you are short of time!

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