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I love cooking in winter. While I love salads they start to get a little receptive after a while!  You can use your vegetables in so many ways through winter.

Eggplant Pizzas

You can't look past this recipe for a quick and easy sharing plate. The picture explains it all!

Fresh Green Thai Fish Curry

This recipe is slightly different to a normal Thai Green curry because it uses cauliflower as the base, just to get another vegetable in. A good use for carrots, cauliflower and fish (or perhaps chicken breast), and use tinned coconut milk instead of making your own.

Cauliflower Pizza Base

The problem with pizza is there is not enough veges and too much cheese. This pizza is perfect because it is loaded with veg making it a great "well-rounded" meal and gluten free! Perhaps top with spinach and feta, to get more vegetables in!

Green Smoothie

Spinach smoothies are lovely in winter. To me they seem more appealing with the richer nutty flavours and thicker texture, than a vegetable juice.

Homemade Chicken Moussaka

A combo for chicken and eggplant,... oh so yum. If you are planning on making this recipe it would pay to add an extra eggplant. Use chicken breast instead of chicken thighs. Just watch the bake time if using chicken breast so you don't dry out the chicken. It will be a littler shorter.

Lamb Saag

Enjoy this recipe using your spinach. I thought it might be nice to make a gourmet Lamb Saag this week. Simply follow this recipe for the Saag (spinach curry) and cook your butterfly lamb separately to have as a side. Or should I say cook your butterfly lamb and have this spinach curry on the side!

Orange Chicken

Perhaps a different idea for your chicken breast and oranges? It might be a nice way to celebrate the start of the citrus season. Use chicken breast instead of thighs.

Pasta with vegetable based sauces

Often I make a pasta sauce from spinach. The spinach pasta sauce might be nice to try for this week's Foodbox.

Pesto Parmesan Fish

Just because there is both spinach and fresh fish this recipe is a great combo for both.

Winter Falafel Salad

It always pays to have at least one vegetarian meal a week,... so here is my recommendation for this week's Foodbox. A great use for your spinach, carrots, cauliflower and spinach, (just leave out the alfa alfa sprouts unless you have some leftover).

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