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Classic Broccoli Salad

The perfect salad because there are no leafy greens required!

Courgette Ideas

It's always nice to have another cooking technique to last your family a lifetime.

Lamb Spinach Curry

A tasty way to use lamb chops, potatoes, silverbeet (replace spinach with silverbeet) and tomatoes.

Pickled Cabbage

Delicious, make a large jar and keep it in the fridge to have as a side to most meals (fish and beef in particular) and with ham sandwiches and so much more. Great for gut health.

Red Cabbage and Sausage Bake

Cabbage and sausages, what is not to love? I would also serve with with mashed potatoes or roast potatoes. Tip: Simply microwave your potatoes for 10mins before roasting if you are short of time!

Rhubarb Stew

Quick, easy and delightful

Spinach and Mushroom Souffle

A different idea. Souffles seem so fancy, but really they are so easy. A lovely side to steak or fish.

Vegetarian Patties

Perhaps a different use for your mushrooms (if you've received some) a great vegetarian options for all! Turn it into a wrap and use cucumber and lettuce for more vegetables.

Video Recipe The Picanha Top Sirloin

Here is a quick video recipe showing you how to butcher a Picanha sirloin in your own home. Typically the Brazilian method it to cut on the diagonal, however I prefer this way because you get more steaks and our beef is so tender it is still amazing.

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