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Chinese Beef Stir Fry

This is so quick and easy you'll almost feel guilty saying you have "cooked dinner." Just replace the Pak Choy with Shang Hai Cabbage.

Courgette Ideas

It's always nice to have another cooking technique to last your family a lifetime.

Eggplant spinach salad

This delicious option would make a perfect side to steak - or serve it as a main vegetarian meal. Use mixed salad leaves instead of spinach.

Feijoa Jelly

You couldn't call this cheeseboard ordinary.

Hot Shang Hai Cabbage Salad

I thought this would make a lovely side to either sausages or steak or chicken.

Kiwifruit Wonder

So easy, it's hardly a recipe!

Ratatouille Bake

Perfect if you received, courgettes, tomatoes and capsicums and eggplant.

Spinach and Mushroom Souffle

A different idea. Souffles seem so fancy, but really they are so easy. A lovely side to steak or fish.

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