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I'm looking forward to the "taster" of feijoas next week, not to mention some green like broccoli and mixed salad leaves are back!

Asian Coleslaw

An idea for you Wombok. It also uses swede and carrot too! Think of it as an awesome Asian style coleslaw.

Baked Spring Rolls

So yum, a great use for cabbage, carrots, swede and pork (or use mince). They are also delicious vegetarian with a little more cabbage.

Cooking a thick steak

Just a little video recipe to help, if you received a lovely Taupo beef steak this week.

Cottage Pie

This is a family comfort in our home, a perfect use for your mince. Use your carrots, parsnip and swede.

Eggplant and Fish Curry

Another fish option and a good use for your eggplant and fresh fish.

Lamb Shoulder

A very quick video recipe to show how easy lamb shoulder is to cook.

Moroccan Beef Tagine

This recipe is a favourite of mine! Serve with grilled courgettes or roast broccoli, and rice.

Pantry extras: olive oil, crushed ginger, honey, dates, almonds, rice, Baharat mix (black pepper, coriander seeds, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, nutmeg, paprika, cardamon).


Lamb mince, eggplant and cheese what is not to love? You may need to add an extra eggplant to your order to make this.

Pork Scotch and Crackle video recipe

Just a little video recipe to help you out next week.

Raw Swede Salad

A lovely winter salad. It uses raw swede, spinach and carrot. The perfect side to steak or chicken. Just leave out the radishes.

Simple Swede Soup

Simple is sometimes best

Swede Casserole

If you don't like swede this could be a nice alternative instead of roasted swede.

Video Recipe for Butterfly Lamb Leg

Best on the BBQ. A quick video recipe for butterfly lamb.

Video Recipe Pork and Fennel Pasta

Just a little video recipe for the pork steaks. It simply shows how quick they are to cook and how much oil you may need.

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