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Warm winter ideas to fuel you up. Because it is getting cooler I have loaded this week's suggestions with soup ideas.

1 Chicken Three Meals

This shows you how to get the most out of your whole chicken.

Baked Spring Rolls

So yum, a great use for cabbage, carrots, swede and pork (or use mince). They are also delicious vegetarian with a little more cabbage.

Creamy Fish Pie

Fish Pie,... mmm. A favourite of mine. Veges include: potatoes, carrots, parnsips. A nice use for white fish.
Foodbox extras: thyme, sage, milk, tasty cheese
Pantry items include: breadcrumbs, chicken stock, cornflour, dijon mustard


A great vegetarian option for all boxes . It uses silverbeet and potatoes.

Lamb and Pumpkin Curry

I have suggested this recipe because it is the quick cooking diced lamb in the Foodboxes, and, the video recipe will help show you how quick cooking it is! However it is a different pumpkin,..... so simply steam diced pumpkin for approximately 30 minutes, until soft but still a little crunchy, and toss through the curry before serving.

Mushroom Roast Chicken

Rich, creamy and tasty. What more can I say,.. except, who doesn't love a hearty roast chicken for Sunday lunch?

Novelty Beetroot Chocolate Cake

This gluten free cake is honestly so good. This is my daughters first birthday cake!

Pickled Cabbage

Delicious, make a large jar and keep it in the fridge to have as a side to most meals (fish and beef in particular) and with ham sandwiches and so much more.

Pork Shoulder

A quick video recipe for pulled pork

Pumpkin Chicken Pie

A great use for pumpkin and roast chicken breast or chicken thighs, mmmm.


It is hard to look past a risotto as a use for your roast pumpkin, leek, or mushrooms. Save any chicken bones from a roast chicken if you have any for this tasty "real" risotto recipe.

Silverbeet and Pumpkin Wraps

The perfect use for both pumpkin and silverbeet.

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