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Carrot Fritters

A different idea for your carrots. Perhaps a new breakfast or brunch option?

Courgette Ideas

It's always nice to have another cooking technique to last your family a lifetime.

Cucumber Salad

The dipping sauce would make a lovely summer sharing platter with carrot sticks and perhaps raw beetroot. Another easy way to get the kids eating raw vegetables.

Curried Potato

I was thinking curried kumara served with lamb shoulder, or butterfly lamb... delicious! Curried potato would also be tasty too. Follow the cooking instructions for the lamb shoulder video recipe.

Green Smoothie

Spinach smoothies are lovely in summer. To me they seem more appealing with the richer nutty flavours and thicker texture, than a vegetable juice. A great healthy eating option too, for the new year.

Kumara Breakfast

Why not? Kumara for breakfast, an easy way to eat more vegetables!

Palak Paneer Curry

A great use for spinach next week and another vegetarian option too!

Roasted Broccoli

The chilli and lime works with fish and the parmesan and pine nuts it a match made in heaven with chicken.

Spinach Pesto

The perfect idea for a sharing entree, or to get your kids to eat raw greens before dinner or with lunch.

Summery Sweetcorn Curry

A tasty side to fish and it makes a very healthy meal that doesn't require meat.

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