Question and Answer Time with Danijela

So how have you learnt about nutrition and what has attracted you to it as a profession?

I find the connection between what we eat and how we feel to be fascinating. Nutrition was an interest for many years before I decided to pursue academic study, so when the time came to selecting a career path it just felt right. I am now working full-time as a nutritionist in Auckland, across both clinic and community settings.

So now you've tried Foodbox for a few weeks, what is it that you most love?

It's hard to pick one! Firstly, the quality. I love the daily sourcing aspect, in that every item comes at its peak freshness from local markets earlier that day. It's such a delight to open the box and be met with crisp colourful produce. I also love that the restaurant quality meat and eggs are all free-range, and the fish is always so fresh. It does make cooking in the kitchen so inspiring when you're working with top quality ingredients.

I also love the configuration aspect of the boxes- this means you can completely tailor your weekly shop to you and your family needs (and so you can add a few extra punnets of strawberries if you're like me and you love them!) I will often see what's seasonally available for the week on Foodbox and create a weekly menu off that, and configure the box and remove any items I don't need - this is a great way to cut down on both cost and waste.

Has the Foodbox experience changed how you cook?

I find I'm continuously inspired in the kitchen. I love working in my meals with the seasons, and celebrating the beautiful produce on offer - you can't get food any fresher or crisper than that! I'm finding it a great way to encourage creativity in the kitchen.

I also love that is works well with the time constraints. Nights when I don't have a lot of time to cook, I'll just quickly roast a tray of asparagus and broccoli and pan fry some fish, and in less that 20 minutes there will be a healthy nutritious meal on the table.

Do you think it has made you eat differently, if so how?

It's hard not to be inspired in the kitchen when you have such fresh produce! It has made me think more deeply about where our food comes from, and further connect the benefits of eating seasonal.

With these things lets be honest, there can be a hick up or two. If so,.... were there ay and were we able to help?
No hick ups. I've found everything to be a breeze. I love how if I order in the evening, my box will be with the the very next day! Such efficiency, and it cuts down on the time to personally source and shop.