Good Farms

Happy hens lay happy eggs. 

Good Farm hens are the happiest on earth. They have the freedom to roam naturally 24/7, have modern sheds to protect them from the elements when they need it, and not a cage in sight. It’s safe to say, not all free-range hens are this free-range! In addition to their natural diet, Good Farms also add oyster shell powder into their chicken’s diet to enhance the nutritional content of the eggs that they produce, as well as increase the calcium content of the eggshells. 

Their eggs contain all the health benefits, including higher natural protein, higher Omega 3 and less saturated fats. Good Farms nutritious and delicious free-range eggs come from their farm at Maungaturoto. Their hens are raised happily from caring hands, hearts and lives. And that’s why they are the happiest hens on earth, producing the finest eggs for you. 

Fact: Good Farms has 28,000 free-range hens at the moment and can produce 24,000 high-quality free-range eggs per day. Yes, per day!