Harmony Free Range Christmas Ham

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When I say this ham is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I'm not exaggerating. We've found a supplier of export quality, free range hams at a price that only Santa could dream up this time of year! They're 20% cheaper than last year's offering, and just as delicious! It's free range, it's 4-4.5 kilos of bone-in, ready to eat Christmas Ham: available for a limited time between 3-21st December only, so order one QUICK! It will arrive in a chiller box. Our Hams will last for at least 6 weeks in the fridge - ready whenever you are to enjoy with Christmas Dinner!

Here are some tips for preparing your ham... Trimming the ham cold ensures you won't pull the fat off the skin, in other words, keeps on the flavour! Many traditional hams are seasoned with oranges but if you don't like the flavour you may like to swap to pineapple juice instead. Check and baste the ham until it is a dark caramel colour and the glaze has a thick sticky consistency.

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