Four Grown Mouths


If you're trying to feed a family with teens or young adults, or you're four young adults with no time for grocery shopping, try this box. It has all the market-fresh veges and premium quality meat you'll need for the week, plus enough fruit for everyone to get their share, two 2L bottles of milk, a delicious fresh-baked loaf from Wild Wheat, and 12 eggs. If you need recipe ideas, Jenny's weekly meal plan is there to help, while still allowing you the freedom to cook what you want, when you want. Best of all, it's entirely customizable, so you'll never need to worry about eating anything you won't love.


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Configurator BoxSample From 16 - 22 October 2017
Optional ExtrasUnitQty

Avocado - HassSinglesSingles0.00
Cos Lettuce - LargePacksPacks0.00
Cucumber - LebaneseSinglesSingles0.00
Onions - RedSinglesSingles0.00
Spring OnionBunchesBunches0.00
Tomatoes - CherryPunnetsPunnets0.00
Apples - Granny SmithSinglesSingles0.00
Citrus - LemonSinglesSingles0.00
Grapes - ImportedPunnetsPunnets0.00
Tropical - CoconutSinglesSingles0.00
Tropical - PapayaSinglesSingles0.00
Harmony Free Range Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh580g Packs580g Packs0.00
Harmony Free Range Chicken Breast500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Harmony Free Range Chicken Breast - single250g Packs250g Packs0.00
Harmony Free Range Whole Chicken1.3kg Packs1.3kg Packs0.00
Free Range Sliced Sandwich Ham200g Packs200g Packs0.00
Harmony Dry Cured Middle Bacon200g Packs200g Packs0.00
Harmony Half Pork Belly600g Packs600g Packs0.00
Harmony Ham Hock700g packs700g packs0.00
Harmony Pork Belly1kg Packs1kg Packs0.00
Harmony Pork Fillet450g Packs450g Packs0.00
Harmony Pork Loin Steaks400g Packs400g Packs0.00
Harmony Pork Scotch and Crackle Roast1kg Packs1kg Packs0.00
Harmony Pork Scotch Portions400g Packs400g Packs0.00
Harmony Pork Spare Ribs1.3kg Packs1.3kg Packs0.00
Harmony Pork Spare Ribs - Small600g Packs600g Packs0.00
Harmony Short Cut Bacon250g Packs250g Packs0.00
Harmony Shoulder Bacon200g Packs200g Packs0.00
Toulouse French Grind450g Packs450g Packs0.00
Harmony Corned Beef Silverside1kg Packs1kg Packs0.00
Harmony Rolled Beef Brisket950g Packs950g Packs0.00
Savannah Angus Beef - 150g Stirfry150g Packs150g Packs0.00
Savannah Angus Beef - 300g Stirfry300g Packs300g Packs0.00
Savannah Angus Beef - 500g Stirfry500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Savannah Angus Beef Mince - 150g150g Packs150g Packs0.00
Savannah Angus Beef Mince - 300g300g Packs300g Packs0.00
Savannah Angus Beef Patties - 2ct2x150g Packs2x150g Packs0.00
Savannah Angus Beef Scotch Portions400g Packs400g Packs0.00
Savannah Beef Cheek1kg Packs1kg Packs0.00
Savannah Beef Short Ribs1kg Packs1kg Packs0.00
Savannah Bone-in Sirloin400g Packs400g Packs0.00
Savannah Boneless Sirloin400g Packs400g Packs0.00
Savannah Diced Angus Beef600g Packs600g Packs0.00
Savannah Eye Fillet Portions360g Packs360g Packs0.00
Savannah Prime Rib500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Savannah Scotch Roast1kg Packs1kg Packs0.00
Taupo Beef Pave Steaks400g Packs400g Packs0.00
Wagyu Rolled Roast1kg Packs1kg Packs0.00
Wakanui Grain Fed Beef Rump360g Packs360g Packs0.00
Wakanui Grain Fed Beef Rump - One Serve250g Packs250g Packs0.00
Wakanui Grain Fed Beef Schnitzel400g Packs400g Packs0.00
Harmony Diced Lamb500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Harmony Half Marinated Butterflied Lamb Leg450g Packs450g Packs0.00
Harmony lamb leg steaks440g Packs440g Packs0.00
Harmony Lamb Mince500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Harmony Lamb Rack500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Harmony Lamb Shoulder Bone-In2kg Packs2kg Packs0.00
Harmony Marinated Lamb Shoulder (1-1.2kg)750g Packs750g Packs0.00
Harmony Whole Marinated Butterflied Lamb Leg1kg Packs1kg Packs0.00
Taupo Lamb Foreshanks1.2kg Packs1.2kg Packs0.00
Raukumara Wild Venison - Diced500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Raukumara Wild Venison - Medallions500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Beef Merlot and Cracked Pepper Sausages500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Green Shell Mussels - 500g500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Hapuka400g Packs400g Packs0.00
Hapuka - Single Serve200g Packs200g Packs0.00
John Dory - Skin On400g Packs400g Packs0.00
John Dory - Small Skin On200g Packs200g Packs0.00
Salmon Steak - Single220g Pack220g Pack0.00
Salmon Steaks440g Packs440g Packs0.00
Seafood Chowder Mix - 500g500g Packs500g Packs0.00
Snapper - Skin On400g Packs400g Packs0.00
Tarahiki - Small300g Packs300g Packs0.00
Tarahiki Fillets400g Packs400g Packs0.00
Warehou - Smoked400g Packs400g Packs0.00
White Fish of the Week400g Packs400g Packs0.00
White Fish of the Week - Small300g Packs300g Packs0.00
2L Lite Blue Milk2L Bottles2L Bottles0.00
Puhoi Organic Dark Blue Milk1.5L Bottles1.5L Bottles0.00
Weekly Red WineBottlesBottles0.00
Weekly White WineBottlesBottles0.00
Wild Wheat SourdoughLoavesLoaves0.00
1L Milk - Dark Blue1L Bottles1L Bottles0.00
Freyas Mixed GrainLoavesLoaves0.00
Half Doz Free Range EggsBoxesBoxes0.00

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