Our Farmers and Growers

We've got a great variety of products from a truly fabulous range of suppliers. We've personally vetted each and every one of them, and we know you'll be as pleased with their products as we are!

The Fresh Grower

Alan & Colin Fong head up the family run business which is the Fresh Grower. We met Alan years ago and quite frankly our business is better because of it. Alan is always innovating, he's always got new products that he's bringing to the market, some he absolutely nails (broccolini's a good example), some not so much. Alan is based in Pukekohe and is our main source of green vegetables.

Natures Corner

Carl and Laura took over Natures Corner about 4 years ago. Carl already had a background in chooks and came armed with some pretty clear plans on what he wanted to achieve. We buy from Natures Corner because they hand select eggs from the youngest flock of birds they have, for us. So what....? Well, the youngest flock have the highest amount of albumin in the egg white. Albumin is a structural protein that keeps the egg together when poaching. So, if you want an amazing poached egg, buy better eggs, buy Natures Corner eggs, picked especially for Foodbox.

Kiwi Fish

One of the newer relationships we have and quite frankly it's exciting. I don't mean Nigel and the team are exciting athough they're lovely people, what's exciting is the range of products they are continuously coming up with. The fish is super fresh, its filleted early in the morning, vac packed and arrives with us mid-morning. We've seen smoked salmon, Blue Warehou, Yellow Belly Flounder, Gurnard......the list is long and keeps getting longer. If you're a fish lover and upset at having 'old' fish, give this a try, you definitely won't be disappointed.

Neat Meat

The boys at Neat Meat have been a great help in defining our meat offering. These guys have been working in the wholesale and retail meat trade for years and have a ton of knowledge. Put simply, these guys are purveyors of everything awesome in the meat world. They're our eyes and ears in meat, leaving us precious time to focus on our fruit and veg.

Turners and Growers

Turners and Growers have been a key supplier to us at Foodbox for years. We have an excellent relationship with these guys and they help us hunt out new and exciting products for you. We'd be lost without them.