Frequently Asked Questions

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Login. Select your starter box and take a look at the week’s exclusive selection of meat, fruit & veg and other essentials. To change your items simply select ‘configurator’ and you will be shown a list of the products available in your starter box. To access all available products, simply click the ‘Filter’ dropdown and select all available items.  Pick what you want and unselect what you don’t – it’s as easy as that.

No, if you’re happy with the contents of the starter box then do nothing. We will simply send your chosen starter box full of the best fresh produce we can find.

As we select the contents of our starter boxes to ensure you get the most seasonal, freshest produce available, the contents are not confirmed until Thursday each week. So, you can only configure your Foodboxes for the following week from Thursday onwards.

Yes, you can! First-time orders default to a weekly order, but, you can simply select One Time Only as your frequency.

A starter box is our way of giving you some guidance on where to start, it is a default box – but, with the best value seasonal produce and some delicious extras added in. Each starter box has a selection of this week’s best produce for either 1, 2, or 4 people (there’s also a vegetarian option). Pick a box that suits your needs, then configure it if you want by adding or removing items.

Only if you add or remove items from your Foodbox. Once you make any changes the price of your Foodbox will adjust. This is simply because the starter boxes have a ‘best value’ price – once you configure you don’t have access to this. Past that you will only pay the difference between the starter box and the products you are adding or taking away.

Unfortunately, because of the way Afterpay is setup, we cannot allocate voucher codes or loyalty discounts to your account.

The cut-off for customising your Foodbox is 48 hours prior to delivery.


Yes, you will! Any customer already on subscription will now receive 20% off every fourth order. Existing customers who aren’t on subscription can swap to a weekly or fortnightly subscription to receive the 20% off.

For existing customers – you will receive your 20% off on one of your next four orders from June the 9th. It might be your second order, or it might your third. This is because the discounts are staggered depending on when your first ever order was made! Once you receive the initial 20%, it will then be every fourth order after that.

No. You are only eligible for the 20% discount when your orders are a weekly or fortnightly subscription.


Deliveries are made up until 8:00 pm every day. We have a 48hr lead time – for example, order by 8.30 pm on a Monday for delivery on a Wednesday. Different areas have different delivery days, when you place your order you will be shown your available delivery days. Visit the My Foodbox page to see what date your order is scheduled to be delivered on.

We charge a $12 delivery rate, nationwide. This includes track and trace and delivery notifications. 

A public holiday will usually push your delivery date out by one day. For example, if Monday is a public holiday, Monday deliveries will be pushed to the Tuesday, Tuesday deliveries will be pushed to the Wednesday and so on. Deliveries will go back to normal the following week.