Frequently Asked Questions

We know- It's a lot to take in all at once. Here are some answers that will probably help - but if you're still left with questions, don't hesitate to call 0508 KUMARA or email us at!

When will I get my delivery?

We deliver to different areas of Auckland, Tauranga, and Hamilton on different days of the week. What day we deliver your box will depend on where you live. You can check out our All About Deliveries page to find your delivery area, or visit your My Foodbox page to see what day your order is scheduled to be delivered on. On that date, you can expect your delivery between 2 and 6:00pm, or between 4 and 7 in Christchurch. We'll contact you if our drivers are running late for any reason.


How much is Delivery?

We're local to Auckland, so delivery within that area (plus Tauranga and Hamilton) is between $7.50 and $10. Delivery to Wellington, Palmerston North, and Christchurch is $10. If you live outside of our delivery areas, we can still get you a box, but we'll have to courier your box so the price will change depending on where you are. You can click "Show Delivery Summary" in the My Foodbox page to view the freight cost of your delivery. It's also displayed in your cart when you place an order. You can also check out our All About Deliveries page to see if you're in our delivery areas.


How do I pay for my Foodbox?

We don't store any of your Credit Card info, but we still need you to enter it when you add an item to your box. Your card won't be charged until the day your box is dispatched.

How do I make changes to my Box?

We offer three different box options. If you'd like to have complete control over the items in your box, select the 'configurator' option and add or remove any available products for the week. If you'd like to remove the entire box, remove it by clicking 'remove' on the product page. You can also control the date on which your box comes, and set its frequency to one time, weekly, or fortnightly.

I don't want this week's delivery - how do I stop it?

Due to the perishable nature of our products we are unable to accept cancellations or make amendments on delivery day. However, you have up until 11pm the night before your Foodbox is dispatched to make changes to your order on the website. If you'd like, you can also set vacations for your box or put it on hold so it won't be delivered if you're not there to enjoy it. Keep in mind that removing a box from the My Foodbox page will remove with it any of your saved preferences.

I want to use Afterpay for a Weekly Shop Box?

We have Afterpay available for certain Foodboxes, but not others. All products in the bulk shop are available with Afterpay, but we don't use it with our weekly shop or fruit and vege shop because we don't want to risk getting anyone into a situation of revolving debt with their weekly groceries. Our Bulk Shop products offer a month's worth of meat for you to freeze and enjoy over time, and you can use Afterpay to spread the payments of these boxes out over the month as well.

I'm not happy with the quality of my delivery - what should I do?

Due to the perishable nature of produce, if you are unhappy with any of our products please notify us within 1 day of delivery, so we can come to the best resolution for you. If the issue cannot be resolved and we can't deliver a replacement item we will credit or refund the payment for the unsatisfactory item(s).

What are those little icons next to some of the ingredients in my Box Contents List?

We have a couple of ways to tell you about different products! The green star indicates a 'featured' item - something we're excited about, or have in limited quantities. The blue dollar sign is a 'great deal' item - something that's on sale, or at a much lower price than usual. We love passing savings along to our customers! The orange bag indicates a 'plastic packaged produce' item - this only applies to produce (all our meat and some of our other products like the sliced bread and milk do come in plastic) Some items always come in plastic (like loose baby spinach leaves) and other items may occasionally be wrapped in plastic (sometimes we source mushrooms in punnets, and sometimes we source them loose and pack them into a brown paper bag for you). We do our best to update this daily but do bear in mind it may change throughout the week if we have to change suppliers.

I forgot my password! How do I fix it?

Call us on 0508 KUMARA. We can reset your password for you so that you can get into your account once again!