Eat Well

It’s true what they say – you are what you eat! 

Neat Meat - Our Premium Supplier

Neat Meat
Neat Meat are a proud supplier to many of the top restaurants in the Auckland region. The bottomline for Neat Meat is to bring the best quality produce from the farm to the table. 

Sustainably Farmed & Ethically Raised
All of the Harmony Products in your Meat Box come from farms where sustainable and ethical practices are followed. 

About Our Meat

Each box consists of a mix of premium, frozen meat. There is a mix of beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. You can click on the boxes above to see the list of contents. 

Yes, all meat will come to you frozen. The meat was frozen down before expiry and is in perfect condition.

Absolutely! This meat was meant for some of Auckland’s finest restaurants, however, due to lower demand there was a large surplus. It was frozen down to prevent it being wasted.

Delivery will be made on Wednesday via courier. These boxes are only available for delivery in Auckland

Delivery is $12, additional to the box price.