Curious Croppers

Cranky but gorgeous. This is the tagline that greets you on your colourful punnet of Curious Croppers tomatoes. A brilliant introduction to Anthony and Angela Tringham really. Their passion for what they do is evident in every word they say when discussing how they have built their natural ecosystem to achieve growing the very best tasting tomatoes, as well as the most unique. If you’ve tried the Curious Croppers tomatoes, you’ll know that they are the most flavoursome little morsels around and it will come as no surprise that they have become regulars on the menus of top restaurants around the country.

Already a tomato grower when he met Angela, Ant and Angela decided to broaden their offering and start up a stall at Clevedon Village Farmers Market. They began exploring unusual and unique varieties that they would sell at the farmers market where they could get feedback directly from the community. With a good understanding of what people want, they then aimed higher and looked to supplying restaurants around Auckland through the Produce Company. To this day, you can catch Ant and Angela at the Clevedon Village Farmers Market every Saturday where you will no doubt walk away with a handful of fresh tomatoes and a smile on your face.

The Curious Croppers grow more than just tomatoes. Aubergines, cucumbers, tomatillos, herbs and vegetables are all thriving in their hothouses. Everything is allowed to go to seed naturally thus ensuring their ecosystem stays healthy. There are no sprays in sight. They instead rely on parasitic wasps and sticky traps to capture pests.

Ant and Angela say the key to growing their vibrant delicious tomatoes is to keep them stressed. Little space and water is their winning formula, achieving the best tasting tomatoes around. Red, yellow, green, orange, brown, each colour has its own unique flavour. Try them in your next Foodbox order, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with them!