Classy Couple


You and your partner enjoy the finer things in life, don't you? You enjoy trying new things, and love only the best cuts of meat. You cook for yourselves most nights and have been known to have guests over for dinner occasionally. If this sounds like you, we recommend the Classy Couples box! Here's how it works: We'll provide you with enough market fresh fruit and vege and premium quality meat to get you through the week, plus recipes to use as a fallback if you're not sure what to cook. That is inspiration for both lunches and dinners so you can eat healthy and well, all day everyday. You'll also get some essentials like fresh baked bread, free range eggs, Premium Puhoi Valley Organic Milk, and our Weekly Red Wine. Most importantly, you can completely customize your box, so we won't send you anything you don't want.

  • Pay on the Day
  • Make Changes
  • Chilled Delivery
  • Benchmarked against Supermarkets
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