Harmony Free Range Champagne Ham


This delicious 3-3.5kg ham from Neat Meat is a perfect alternative if you're not planning a family gathering this year large enough for a larger bone-in ham. Our Champagne ham is slightly smaller than the bone-in ham, which makes it a perfect, more manageable size for smaller family gatherings. It's also an easier variation to carve, as it doesn't have a bone running through the middle. It comes from the same Free Range Harmony farms as our bone-in ham, so you'll get the same amazing flavour regardless of the option you choose! Our Hams will last for at least 6 weeks in the fridge - ready whenever you are to enjoy with Christmas Dinner!

Our Christmas Hams (and the rest of the seasonal goodies available in the Christmas Shop) are available for purchase between December 3rd and 21st, so schedule your order now to make sure you've got your Christmas dinner under control!

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