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Feeling exceptional. Every. Single. Day.

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11  Oct – 24 Oct

Eat well

When you nourish your body with fresh, delicious and real food the benefits are endless.

Week 1 - Breakdown of food
Week 2 - Balanced meal ideas

25 Oct – 7 Nov 

Move consciously

Moving your body doesn't have to be a chore. Discover active habits that fit easily into your lifestyle.

Week 3 - Benefits of exercise
Week 4 - Move for your mood

8 Nov – 21 Nov

Listen to your body

You've taken the steps to be more active, but are you putting enough time into rest and recovery.

Week 5 - The importance of sleep
Week 6 - Stretching and mobility

22 Nov – 5 Dec

Feel good

Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical. Learn simple ways to look after your mental health

Week 7 - Ways of wellness
Week 8 - Food and your mood

What is Better Everyday?

Foodbox and Playground Fitness.
– Foodbox values, Playground values, health as a holistic concept 

Feeling exceptional. Every. Single. Day
We want to excite and inspire you to live better with small and realistic changes that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

– This isn’t a set challenge that focuses on restrictive and difficult requirements. 
– It’s about feeling better from within. Eating fresh, nutritious food, taking the time to move your body, remembering to be kind to yourself and focusing on your wellbeing.

About Our Meat

Each box consists of a mix of premium, frozen meat. There is a mix of beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. You can click on the boxes above to see the list of contents. 

Yes, all meat will come to you frozen. The meat was frozen down before expiry and is in perfect condition.

Absolutely! This meat was meant for some of Auckland’s finest restaurants, however, due to lower demand there was a large surplus. It was frozen down to prevent it being wasted.

Delivery will be made on Wednesday via courier. These boxes are only available for delivery in Auckland

Delivery is $12, additional to the box price.